Feature Friday: Halloween!

Hi All,

Long time no blog! I’ve been terrible! However we’re back this week with a scary bang! Halloween is looming and we’re loving it.

Over here in England it’s not such a big Holiday, but that doesn’t stop us enjoying all the inspiration from across the pond.

Here’s a few categories and a few ideas to try for yourself.

1/ Decorate with a difference – Pumpkin decor.





I’m a sucker for black and white and I love the idea of painting your pumpkin and making them pretty. They’d be great for table center pieces!




Add props to make your pumpkin stand out. I love the candle holder idea and the animals are so cute!

2/ Deadly decoration




Small touches like these are brilliant to add atmosphere to your Halloween party… how great are those candles?

3/ Scary snacks – Halloween food




martha stewart  annies eats

Can’t wait to try those black toffee apples!

4/ Deadly drinks – Halloween cocktails






These cocktails look awesome no? I would love to try them all!

Lots of brilliant and creative finds this week. What are you planning for Halloween?

Look out for our scary Halloween costume/make up finds coming this week!

Take care,

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Inspiration ~ Weather

As a geography teacher I get pretty obsessed with the weather at times. I love teaching the technicalities of the processes along with the impacts of extreme weather, it’s just so interesting. As a result of my passion I love all things weather related including crafts and jewellery.

Recently at the Country Living Fair I came across a glass artist by the name of Rachel Elliott. She had created an array of glass earrings with a variety of weather symbols. Rachel explained that they were a new design she recently created and I was fortunate to be the first person to purchase a pair. Awesome!

I adore these little fellas. I just need to buy more clothes to go with the colour.

Weather Earrings

Here are a few other weather related projects I have come across that I think are very cute.



1. Nice Weather Stamps  from eatpraycreate
2.  Fimo Cloud from MimiTheRainbow
3. Cloud Magnets from Eat Drink Chic

For more weather and cloud related crafts follow our Pinterest page



Feature Friday!

Hi all,

It’s feature Friday time already! I don’t know about you but this week has been loooooong. I think I’m just looking forward to getting my hands dirty in some DIY projects over the weekend.

This week we decided to stick with the Easter theme, being Easter after all, and in light of Lent being over soon we thought you might like a trio of yummy Easter treats … I’m sure lots of you have given up chocolate, right?

I hope everyone remembers being crafty and baking at this time of year, and if not why not start making memories now! As per norm we have selected three bakes that range from easy to difficult. So ready, get set… BAKE!

1// Easy Easter egg nest cakes.



Easy peasy, simple pimple! You need some cereal like Rice Crispys or Corn Flakes, chocolate, golden syrup, butter and mini eggs! If you need to follow a recipe click on the pictures and it will take you to the brilliant BBC site! These are so good to do with kids and so yummy!

2// Medium – Easter cake pops.


Oh my word. Just how cute!? We think cake pops are so perfect for this time of year – they’re fairly easy to make, they’re fun to decorate and just the right mouthful of cake without going overboard on the sugar! You can find a really great tutorial on how to make these bad boys if you click on the image!

3// Difficult – The Easter Show Stopper.



What would Easter be without a big old cake?! We think this cake is just about manageable for the novice baker and we love thecakeblog.com. It’s very well presented and the tutorials are layed out so clearly, which will hopefully fill you with enough confidence to try an Easter show stopper!

Thanks for stopping by all. We hope you have a great week leading up to Easter and take inspiration from some of our finds. We’d love to know what project you’ve been working on.

Take care.

E x

Tutorial ~ Glass Magnets

Hi all,

Here’s a really quick, easy and pretty gift: glass pebble magnets. Not a new concept but a really nice little idea for a cute gift.

Here’s how you do it and what you need:


-Some glass pebbles

-Paper of your choice


-Small magnets


So one at a time Superglue the back of the glass pebbles and glue them to the paper.



Let them dry and cut them out.


Then simply Superglue the magnets to the back of each one!



A really easy DIY project that you can do in minutes!


Hope you enjoyed!