Feature Friday ~ Fun with Fruit!

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We’re loving the summer weather over here in the UK! The sun, light and warmth really makes everyday so much better: I love it!

I love how it brings people outside and it get’s people socialising. We’ve been throwing a couple of barbeques lately which, in my opinion, is the best way to eat.

This summer seems to have bought the tropical out in people and I’ve been seeing some really great projects involving fruit! Pineapples, pears, watermelons and lemons have been filling the pages of the blogs I’ve been reading and I have to say it’s all great! I’m loving the vibrant colours and overall ‘freshness’ the projects evoke!

Here are some of our favourite fruit diys:

1// DIY Pineapple Pinata from Studio DIY


This is a great tutorial with the added bonus of a great Ikea hack!

2// DIY Fruit welcome mats by The house that Lars Built


We love these mats! What a cute way to greet your guests!

3// DIY Watermelon bowl from madame citrondiy-bol-pasteque-5

This is a brilliant diy! So easy to follow even though the site is in French and wouldn’t it make such a pretty gift?

4// DIY Strawberry Garland from studio diy


Such a good idea to decorate for a summer party or BBQ! Loving the colours and the tutorial!

5// DIY Watermelon place settings and favors by ohhappyday

4f9f43cf944744d78168b7230df48798055364471d449ad343307941fbb8d045We think these are super cute and super easy! These are the kind of diy’s that really make an occasion feel like you’ve put the effort in.

6// DIY fruit slice umbrella by studio diy


This is my personal favorite project. I love them and I want them.

Please take a look at these blogs and these projects and find inspiration in them! We hope you like them too.

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