Feature Friday: Halloween!

Hi All,

Long time no blog! I’ve been terrible! However we’re back this week with a scary bang! Halloween is looming and we’re loving it.

Over here in England it’s not such a big Holiday, but that doesn’t stop us enjoying all the inspiration from across the pond.

Here’s a few categories and a few ideas to try for yourself.

1/ Decorate with a difference – Pumpkin decor.





I’m a sucker for black and white and I love the idea of painting your pumpkin and making them pretty. They’d be great for table center pieces!




Add props to make your pumpkin stand out. I love the candle holder idea and the animals are so cute!

2/ Deadly decoration




Small touches like these are brilliant to add atmosphere to your Halloween party… how great are those candles?

3/ Scary snacks – Halloween food




martha stewart  annies eats

Can’t wait to try those black toffee apples!

4/ Deadly drinks – Halloween cocktails






These cocktails look awesome no? I would love to try them all!

Lots of brilliant and creative finds this week. What are you planning for Halloween?

Look out for our scary Halloween costume/make up finds coming this week!

Take care,

Elisa Signature




Event ~ Birthday Giveaway

It’s our birthday and we want to share it with you. We’ve got a GIVEAWAY!

We’ve created this super cute craft pack to give away to one lucky person. We’ve taken inspiration from the snail-mail revolution to create this beautiful gift pack.


In the pack you will find a variety of handmade surprises, materials to make one of our tutorials and a selection of super cute craft supplies.


All of which are packaged beautifully in handmade envelopes just for you.




We won’t show you what’s inside just yet as it will spoil the surprise when it lands on your doorstep.

How to Enter

For your chance to win head over to either our Rafflecopter  on our giveaway page or our Facebook page (unfortunately we can’t add Javascript to WordPress, boo).

It’s really easy to enter simply complete the 3 mandatory parts of the entry

1) Leave a comment for us below linking to your favourite Me Oh My blog post
2) Join us on Facebook
3) Follow us on Twitter

Easy right? Just make sure you confirm each action on the Rafflecopter. 

As a bit of extra fun to earn additional points our final action is post a crafty Instagram photo with the hashtag #meohmycrafts.
We’d love to see what you making or taking inspiration from.

The giveaway opens today Friday 15th August and closes 12am Friday 22nd August. We will announce the winner soon after.

Good luck.

Victoria and Elisa

It’s our 1st Birthday

1todayWhooooo! Yay!!!!! We are so pleased to announce it’s Me Oh My’s first birthday. That’s one whole year since our first post.

We have been blown away by all support we’ve had both online and offline for our creative endeavours. We really appreciate all the feedback, comments and ideas we’ve been given over the last year.


Our achievements to date include

100 blog posts
102 followers on WordPress
88 followers on Facebook
58 followers on Twitter
2 market stalls
1 TV appearance (coming this Autumn)

It may not seem like a lot in comparison to all the great blogs out there with hundreds and thousands of followers, but to us it means a lot.
We’ve enjoyed many adventures and have enjoyed sharing our crafting successes and failures with you all over the past year.

Me Oh My is our hobby. We both have (very different) full time jobs and often find it difficult to spend time creating and writing,  but we’ve managed it for a whole year now and we LOVE it.

As a way to say thank you to our lovely readers we’ve created this wonderful birthday giveaway. To find out how to enter head over to our Birthday Giveaway post for full details.



Thanks again to all our frequent readers.


Victoria and Elisa


Events ~ Bewl Water Kent and Sussex Show.

Hi all,

Long time no speak on my part! You ever have one of those weeks where you don’t have time to breathe let alone keep up with writing!? Well it’s been one of those weeks, which has been made worse because the weather is so perfect right now and all I want to do is be outside :(. I think I might be cold blooded because I love basking in the sun.

Anyway today was another one of those glorious days and we spent it at the Kent and Sussex Show at Bewl Water. Now Bewl Water is my idea of perfect. If I was asked to describe my happy place it would be like one of those places in those American Camp movies: lakes, boats, green hills all around and happy families running around – well this is Bewl Water! I loved it.


See what’s not to love? There were boats and everything!

Unfortunately we were stuck in a little car park and not over looking this view so I couldn’t enjoy it fully.

Doing the fair was a bit of a last minute deal and I’ve spent all week frantically getting together a gazebo, a table and then making more products! It’s really worth just going for these things even if you’re not fully prepared – I had only 5 evenings to organise myself and I managed to borrow a table and a gazebo (I just harassed everyone I knew and those I didn’t too!)

I may have also managed to blow up a glue gun, but we don’t like to talk about that!

I was a bit apprehensive because I wasn’t sure what to expect and the title ‘Kent and Sussex Show’ made it sound like a big trade show – I pictured wall to wall stalls of professional craft businesses. Even though I felt we might be a little ‘handmade’ for the show we went for it, because after all what’s the worst that can happen?









Lots of new and awesome products we made for the stall and for ETSY. Victoria has made some really great jewellery. Talented that one, ay!

Unfortunately the day was quiet and the sales were low. However it was still worth it to meet some of the other stall holders and get to work on building a network and community.

All of our new items will be up on ETSY by tomorrow, but why not head over there now and take a look at the new flower crowns?

Take care all and enjoy the sunshine!

E x

P.S I realised half way through the day I’d dressed like Rosie the Riveter! #wecandoit!



Inspiration ~ Crazy Crafting!

Hi all,

The world cup has started which has given me an excuse to spend as little time in the living room as possible, and more time in my craft room making stuff! The first game was last night and I managed to bosh out four new flower crowns instead of mindlessly watch that mindless sport.

I think this meme about sums up how I feel about football:

IT Crowd

IT Crowd

Needless to say I’m not a fan. Though, to completely contradict myself, I will be supporting Ghana: this may or may not have something to do with what I did, or did not, pull out of the office sweepstake hat.

So I went a little flower crown crazy:





These aren’t available on ETSY yet because we’ve decided to do a last minute stall at the Kent and Sussex fair!

We’ll keep you posted!

Take care.

E x

MeohMy! does Crafty Beggars.

Hi all,

So as you will know, if you are an avid reader of ours, that last weekend we were fortunate to be part of a TV show called Crafty Beggars.

We stumbled across the application a fair while ago and just thought ‘why not?’ We applied and went to meet the presenters and Hobby Craft, who sponsored the show, and were invited to be on the show.

The premise of the show is a two team competition where both teams have a £20 budget to spend on materials. They have a day to beg, borrow and buy all they need and make everything they want to sell the next day on a craft stall. The idea really is to spend as little as possible by being frugal and upcycling.

In the beginning we brainstormed (or mind mapped – ay, ay) and had tonnes of ideas from cork coasters, twig decorations, drift wood signs and map items. We thought about what the cheapest materials were we could use, aiming for low cost but with a high quantity and we decided that our best bet was felt! We love felt!

We planned and re-planned and planned again. There were sheets and lists and phone calls and recce’s!

In the end we narrowed what we were going to make down to felt brooches and necklaces, heart cork boards and beaded jewellery – we figured (even though sometimes it feels like it) that we aren’t super human and that unfortunately there aren’t enough hours in the day to make everything we had original wanted to.

We planned everything in detail including our stall:



Ooo look at that! Pretty!

So after all the prepping and planning the day of filming arrived… well actually before that there was the manic rush home from work on the Friday evening, piling everything into the car (so much stuff) and quickly scoffing dinner. Then there was the frantic rush to Brighton and final preparations! Oh yeah and not forgetting the utter panic when I realised I had forgotten the most important bag of materials in the chaos!

We were exhausted already! But the next day arrived and filming commenced…


The morning consisted of standing around awkwardly while people got busy establishing shots of us, most of which were of us walking un-naturally trying to generate ‘natural looking’ conversation and then rushing around collecting all of our materials!

We had arranged to collect a whole box of wine corks from a local Brighton wine bar, Ten Green Bottles and the rest was felt and jewellery bits. We then spent the rest of the afternoon, evening and a fair portion of the night, making all of our items!




The next day of filming was a bit of a tired, hazy blur that started with the panic making of tissue paper pom poms (as someone may have left that bag at home too, but we don’t like to talk about that…)



I would like to highlight how great Victoria is looking in that picture seeing as she was a/ tired and b/really poorly! Like a trooper she didn’t let a silly soar throat or stuffy head effect our day.

The rest of the day was spent luring people to our stall and being filmed selling what we could. We were really pleased with how everything came together and it was awesome to see it all complete and together.


Vikki working away




We worked hard that weekend and we’re really proud of the results. We owe a big thanks to everyone who helped us out and all of our items will be up on our ETSY shop within the week.


The show doesn’t air until the Autumn so we’ll keep you updated! You’ll have to wait until then to see how we did.

Take care,

E and V x


Feature Friday!

Hi all,

So it’s Friday. I’ve got work to do but all I can think about is the pending craft stall and how much we have to do! Crafty Beggars is a great opportunity for us and we want to get the most out of the experience. Super excited and a bit nervous about being in front of the camera – I feel rigid and jerky movements might be a problem!

We are able to decorate our stall and we’ve been coming up with ideas for weeks! Therefore this Feature Friday will concentrate on a few DIY display ideas.

1// Small project: Kitchen Roll stands



A really easy and simple idea that costs hardly anything!

2// Medium project: Cluster displays



I chose these because they are more than just displays: they’re like little sculptures in themselves. The form of these stands are as important as the function as they draw attention which will in turn draw interest into the product displayed on them. I think the dollhouse chair one is awesome!

3// Medium project again – Necklace stands


This is a really nice, polished idea and I think makes the product look fantastic. It’s really important to have a display unit that is going to enhance what you’re selling and this stand does just that. Brilliant!

4// Bigger project – Twig stand




These stands are only bigger because you may need power tools, paint and specialist glue. Other than that it’s a pretty basic idea that really stands out. When we went to the Country Living Fair we came away remembering the stall from PheobeJewellery stand because out of all the stalls there the display was the best.


We will keep you updated on the progress of our stall and add in tutorials of everything we make! If you are able to pop down to the stall in Brighton on Sunday we’d love to meet you!

Take care,

E x



BIG NEWS ~ Our first ever TV appearence!

Hi all,

Did you hear we have some BIG NEWS?

The Me Oh My! duo are going to be on TV, yes TV. We are taking part in a competition show called Crafty Beggars, sponsored by Hobbycraft, very soon and you could join us.


farm market brightonOn Sunday 18th May we will be holding a stall as part of the show at  DIPLOCK YARD FARM MARKET (sometimes it’s called THE FARMER’S MARKET) in NORTH ROAD, BRIGHTON from 11am.

We encourage all our friends, family and (local) followers to come and visit our stall (and maybe buy something) on the Sunday at the market in Brighton.

The entrance to the market is marked with a very pretty flower stall and lots of balloons. It’s opposite the Backpackers Hostel and a bright DIY pottery shop, and it’s just up from where the end of Gardner St meets North Rd. We’ve been told there’s a lovely café at the back of the market too, so you can grab a coffee and cake.

Bring along friends, family and even the dog, the more the merrier (plus if we win, we’ll be super grateful).

We’d love to see many familiar faces and hope to see some new ones. We are really excited by this opportunity and can not wait to share our experiences with you after the filming.

See on Sunday the 18th!

V & E