ETSY: New Products!!!

Hi all,

It’s been a long time coming but I’ve finally got our new range of jewellery up on our ETSY page!

We’ve got new earrings, necklaces and collar clips which are perfect little gifts for Christmas. I have a few already made up and all are make to order. So please check out our page and see if there’s anything you like!

Processed with VSCOcam

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Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

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Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset


I hope you like them!

Take care,

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Feature Friday ~ Fabric Printing

Hi all,

On my hunt around ETSY for the previous blog post (ESTY finds: pretty in pastel) I stumbled across some really nice items made from really lovely fabrics, for example:




Which incidentally all fit into my obsession with Scandi Style!

Anyway I got really inspired and started to imagine designs for purses and bags but unfortunately in England we don’t have such an aery of geometric fabrics (if anyone knows of anywhere that would be brilliant)! So with these ideas spilling out of my head and no fabric to execute them with I decided to research different ways to print your own material!

So for today’s Feature Friday here are my top tutorial finds:

1// Potato printing –


2// Stencil screenprinting:


3// DIY your own stamp:


4// Bleach printing:


5// Fabric Painting:


I’ve done some stamping before but not on fabric. Wish me luck and I hope you also feel inspired!

Take care,

E x

ETSY Finds ~ Pretty in Pastel

Hi all,


Carrying on with the pastel theme I’ve been scouring ETSY to find some nice things in this colour spectrum. I love this palettes(still not as much as monochrome) but it comes in second place.

I think I can speak for Victoria here too when I say the best colour is mint green. It’s everywhere right now but it looks so great. Victoria is very blonde and has fair skin and the colour looks great on her, and I have dark hair and more olive skin which the mint green highlights, so it’s a brilliantly versatile colour.

1// The Belinda clutch – GraceDesign


2// Cat Brooch – SketchInc:

Personal favourite

Personal favourite

3// Bow Necklace – iloveyoujewels:

il_570xN.375017890_21ee4// Geometric iphone case – AnotherCase:



5// Stud Earrings – Belle Acessoires:



Loving all these items!

Take care,

E x

Inspiration ~ Interior Design – Scandi Style.

Hi all,

It’s been 5 months since I moved into my new house and finally we’ve collected all the bits of furniture we need to function properly. We only need one more chair and a barbeque and we’re set!

So now that the basics are sorted I can go ahead a fully focus on making it my own. There are lots of little bits and pieces that are my unique stamp on my home but now I can think a bit bigger!

When I was growing up my mum kept everything immaculate and clean. She went through a process of lightening all the rooms and there was a running joke that she wanted to paint the whole house cream. It used to drive me insane and I vowed that when I got my own house I was going to paint every room a different colour and I was going to have a home that looked ‘lived in’. However as I got older (sob) I started to find ‘clutter’ infuriating and actually wanted everything to look clean and spacious: and thus I resigned to the fact that I had indeed inherited some of my mothers traits!

My favorite style is Scandi: black and white, minimalist, spacious and clean while mixing modern with retro.




Eames_house_bird (2)

As well as the juxtaposition of the modern and retro, I also really like the juxtaposition of nature and geometric shapes. I also love the pops of colour, often concentrating on yellow, turquoise blue, and green.

I have a lot of wall space that needs filling so I’ve been busy searching for prints! Although I’m not too keen on typography prints and lean more towards  graphic design and illustration, I have found some really nice things which I thought I’d share with you.

So here are my Scandi finds:

1// Alphabet print from Number fifteen.


2// Black Bird DIY clock by


3// Ikea Wall Clock:


4// Wooden deer head wall trophy by Clive Roddy:


5// Scandi Houses by Amy Walters:


6// Retro Fruit poster from EmuDesigns:


For a little pop of colour, these are great!

1// Abstract print from Ashely G:


2// Up up and Away by nOmeo:


3// Yellow Scotty Dog Wall Mount by Urban Outfitters:



4// Vintage Metal Letters by Bonnie and Bell:


Now it’s just a case of getting the man friend on side and getting started!

Take care,

E x

Craft ~ Succulent Planters.

Hi all,

So I was kinda really busy at work yesterday that I forgot to upload my Feature Friday! I know; naughty blogger!

This week’s Feature Friday is all about the hot trend of terrariums (a word I have severe trouble saying and spelling). I had been thinking about planting some of my own succulent plants after I did my previous Feature Friday about house plants. I took the opportunity to do so when my good friend Emma came down from London for the day.

It’s always nice to do different things and I thought it would be great it Emma and I got our fingers green. I had my very first solo trip to the garden centre; when I say first solo trip I mean not having to be dragged, bored out of my skull, by my parents… I think I’m getting old!



Being from London, where they don’t have country side, Emma was slightly confused as to what these mysterious green things were: they’re plants, Emma dear :P.  Hehe, just kidding!

We found some great plants and headed home from our very grown up trip (well slightly – we may have used the trolley as a go-cart down the in-store ramp).

Now this was our first time ever planting anything so I was a bit worried that we’d get it wrong and the plants would die within a week, but we went ahead a followed the tutorial on how to make terrariums.



So it’s been a couple of weeks since we’ve planted these bad boys and as far as I’m aware Emma’s plants are doing fine… mine however are not! I had to replant the above succulent that I’d so carefully planted into my awesome glass tea pot: back into it’s original pot it went in an attempt to save it’s life.

Any advice on the matter of why they might have started to die would be greatly appreciated!

Anyway on to the Feature Friday aspect of the Feature Friday post; I decided that instead of bringing you a range of projects that I’d treat you to a few Etsy finds I’ve stumbled across in relation to terrariums and succulent planters.

So here are a few modern planters you can use to make your own terrarium unique!

1/ The felt pod planter:


TheYarnKitchen has the cutest collection of handmade felt planters! I think these would be a great addition to any mantlepiece, or even as a gift! I’d love to receive these as a present!

2/ Hanging planters:


PotteryLodge has this brilliant black and white hanging planter that I love because a/ it’s black and white and b/it’s so adorable!

3/ Geodesic planter.


Totally modern with it’s angles and cement finish: this would be a great feature in any home. Good work RoughFusion! Love it.

4/ Fabric Planter


From Nestahome, again loving it because it’s black and white, but also what a clever idea! So unique – brilliant gift!

5/ Up-cycled planter: DingaDingTerrariums.


Now I’ve seen these around Pinterest for a while but that doesn’t stop them being awesome!I love how ‘quirky’ this is. Hey if you’re stuck for a gift idea for a  boy – check it out!

Anyway I could go on and on because there are so many great ideas out there – but when it boils down to it, the essence is that they look modern and will make a great feature to any room in any house – so get involved!

Take care,

E x