ETSY: New Products!!!

Hi all,

It’s been a long time coming but I’ve finally got our new range of jewellery up on our ETSY page!

We’ve got new earrings, necklaces and collar clips which are perfect little gifts for Christmas. I have a few already made up and all are make to order. So please check out our page and see if there’s anything you like!

Processed with VSCOcam

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset


I hope you like them!

Take care,

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Tutorial ~ Beaded ‘U’ Necklace

Hi all,

Is it just me or does anyone  else get really hooked on particular crafts or ideas? At the moment I’m captivated by beaded jewellery and dip dye crafts.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon making loads of beautiful beaded bracelets. I love them.

Today I’m going to share a tutorial with you on how to make your own Beaded ‘U’ Necklace. I love these and have been making a few recently with the seed beads I discovered the other week. Don’t you just love the colour of these beads?

tools and materials

You will need the following

~ Wire cutters
~ Round nose pliers
~ Chain nose pliers
~ Chain
~ Wire (I used 4mm)
~ 3 jump rings
~ 1 larger jump ring
~ Trigger clasp
~ Beautiful beads (around 10g)
~ 2 decorative beads for the ends (optional)

Step 1. Cut your wire to your preferred length. I cut mine to about 15cm.

Bead and wire

Step 2. Create a hoop at the end of your wire using the round nose pliers

wire end

Step 3. If using an alternative bead for the end, thread this onto your wire. Ensure it is secure and it doesn’t come off the end. If your hoop was tight enough it should be secure
bead end

Step 4. Thread the other beads onto the wire, leaving about 2cm.

thread beads


Step 5. You should now have about 2cm left. Add the second of the alternative beads if you are using them. Then using the round nose pliers create another hoop with the wire ensuring it closes tight next to the bead at the end. Once complete it should look something like this.



Step 6. Now to turn it into a necklace. Cut two strips of chain of equal length. I made mine 20cm again but this was too long. I would recommend 15cm so that it doesn’t hang too low.


Step 7. Using the jump rings nd the pliers attach one end of the chain to the hoops on the wire. add chain

Step 8. Using the pliers and a small jump ring attach the trigger clasp to the end of a piece of chain. connector

Step 9. Again using the pliers attach the larger of the jump ring to the end of the other piece of chain. I added a bead for decoration. end of chainStep 10 . It’s complete. necklace


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ETSY Finds ~ Pretty in Pastel

Hi all,


Carrying on with the pastel theme I’ve been scouring ETSY to find some nice things in this colour spectrum. I love this palettes(still not as much as monochrome) but it comes in second place.

I think I can speak for Victoria here too when I say the best colour is mint green. It’s everywhere right now but it looks so great. Victoria is very blonde and has fair skin and the colour looks great on her, and I have dark hair and more olive skin which the mint green highlights, so it’s a brilliantly versatile colour.

1// The Belinda clutch – GraceDesign


2// Cat Brooch – SketchInc:

Personal favourite

Personal favourite

3// Bow Necklace – iloveyoujewels:

il_570xN.375017890_21ee4// Geometric iphone case – AnotherCase:



5// Stud Earrings – Belle Acessoires:



Loving all these items!

Take care,

E x

ETSY: NEW Products – Check it out!

Hi all,

So I’ve been super busy putting all of our new products up on our ETSY page! So please head over and check out all the handmade items we’ve been busy making!


We always appreciate feedback so please make sure you send us a comment!

Take care,

E and V x


Tutorial ~ Easter Egg Necklace

Hi all,

Here is a super quick craft for you this Good Friday.

Egg Necklace

All you need to make this super cute necklace is the following

  • Embroidery Needle and Thread
  • Felt
  • Necklace or chain and fittings
  • Split ring
  • Paper and pencil
  • Pins

Step 1. To make your egg simply draw and cut out an egg shape from the paper.
Step 2. Pin your template to the felt, cut out the egg shape.
Step 3. Using the needle and thread embroider a pattern of your choice onto the felt egg.
Step 4. Attach your split ring through the top of your felt egg.
Step 5. Using the split ring attach your egg to the necklace chain.


Hope you all have a fantastic Easter weekend.


V x



Tutorial ~ Cloud Necklace

Hi all,

We’re so happy that you all loved Victoria’s Inspiration – weather post! We thought we’d show you how that inspiration has been reflected in our own crafty designs.

You will need the following (photos not our own due to camera issues!):

White felt

                             White felt                                




Jewellery chain, blue beads and connecting rings.

Jewellery chain, blue beads and connecting rings.

Step 1// Cut out cloud shapes from the felt. Make one slightly smaller than the other for a layering effect. If you have trouble with cutting out shapes free hand then it’s best to print off a template and cut round it.

Step 2// Cut three pieces of jewellery chain of different sizes, the longest being approx 2 inches long. Superglue the chain to the outside of your biggest cloud shape.


Step 3// Either stitch or glue your smaller cloud shape on top, so the chains are sandwiched between.


Step 4// Measure a length of chain that will fit over your neck and attach to the back of the layered cloud… you can either stitch or glue! You can add a clasp if you desire – in this case measure two lengths of chain and attach the clasp to the end.

Step 5// Prepare your beads. Thread a headpin through the bead and loop the end. You can the attach the beads to the three hanging chains with connecting rings. You will need pliers 🙂


Ta da! One weather themed, handmade necklace. If you would like to purchase our above necklace please click on the image.

Hope you enjoyed!

Take care,

E x

Tutorial ~ Big Bead Necklace

It must be holiday time for me, multiple posts from me in one week. I bet your surprised.

This week I went to Cardiff to visit my Mum. of course I had to visit  the Crystals and Ice bead shop, I’ve been visiting the shop for years to purchase bits and pieces for making jewellery. I spent a fortune on bits and pieces; I’m feeling rather inspired at the moment and had to stock up.

Again it wouldn’t be a visit to Cardiff if I didn’t visit the button shop. I’ve been buying buttons from there for many years. In fact I have one button from the shop that I purchased  just before I went to university in 2005; I’ve still been unable to use it in a way to show off it’s beauty. I really must find something to do with it, it’s a shame for it to sit in the button jar  looking pretty. Anyway whilst in the button shop I spotted some fantastic wooden beads. I like to call them Big Beads… self explanatory really.

As soon as I saw them I instantly had an idea. It was time for a DIY Chunky Necklace.

2014-04-09 22.33.08


To make your own is really easy.

You will need

  • big beads of your choice
  • leather thong or similar jewellery making thread
  • a button

Step 1.  Cut your leather thong to your desired length.

Step 2. Decide on the arrangement of your big beads and thread your beads onto your  leather thong.Bead ArrangementStep 3. On one end of the leather thong make a double overhand knot so you have a hoop. knot

Step 4. On the other end of your thong thread a button of your choice and tie a knot to keep it on. Check to ensure the button goes through the hoop you have made. If so then you are done. Simple hey?

Button Up

Big Beads